Drug Rug – Fri 2/28 – The Paradise


What started as two co-workers exchanging their rough demo recordings has turned into not only a long-term relationship but one of the best song writing duos to emerge from Boston in some time. Drug Rug is the love child of Tommy Allen and Sarah Cronin and along with friends, including Julian Cassanetti and Carter Tanton, they are creating a vibrant brand of country tinged rock that is as accessible as it is artistic. 

Fresh off a 13-date tour with Dr.Dog, Drug Rug has come home to finish the tour at the legendary Paradise Rock Club. Joining them will be heralded local trio Helms and the ruckus rock stomp of Viva Viva. Three great local bands in the city’s most historic rock and roll venue. Do not miss this show!

Q&A w/ Tommy Allen of Drug Rug

Q: The show on friday will be the final show of a 14-date tour through the South and back home to Boston. How was the tour? and how does it feel to be coming back home to headline at The Paradise?

A: Touring with Dr Dog was like a dream come true. How often do you get the chance to see your favorite band every night, if your not scary obsessive or a Dead head dude? The Paradise show makes us nervous. We are trying not to think about it.
Q: You just released a free-download EP The Kitchen Tapes and are in the process of recording your second full-length. How did idea come about to record on such lo-fi equipment for the EP? and how is the recording coming along for the full-length?
A: The EP is an example of what comes most naturally. There are probably fifty more EPs in shoeboxes under our bed. Our label wanted us to put something out so that is what we gave them. We are really much more focused on getting the full length out. It’s being mastered right now.
Q: What is the most flattering/unflattering musician/band comparisons you have received from fans, friends, family, press etc…?
A: We try not to dwell on the bad stuff and the good stuff can feel nice but usually isn’t true. We want to make what we like and do what we can.

Q: Aside from yourself and Sarah, as principle songwriters, who are some of the people that have been instrumental in the development of Drug Rug’s sound up to this point?

A: If Drug rug was a burger Julian Cassanetti and Carter Tanton would be the buns.

Q: If you could play a show in Boston with 3 other local bands who would they be and at what Boston venue would you play?

A: Well I guess we would start with Helms and Viva Viva at The Paradise tonight. Hope you all can make it.


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