The Needy Visions – Sun 2/22 – Milky Way



The Needy Visions are a four-piece rock band who’s psychedelic garage-rock is as endearing as it is original. This is a band that is capable of reminding people why they started loving rock music in the first place, it reaches you on that level. Imagine the boiling-over creativity of Talking Heads ’77 combined with the raw guts of Nuggets-era psychedelia and you’ll start to have an idea of the colors this band paints with. This is one of Boston’s favorite bands for a reason, come find out why this sunday for FREE!

In from NYC to open the night is an excellent band called The Beets.Also on the bill is another local favorite The Serious Geniuses who will be bringing their own lively brand of psychedelic music to the stage. This is one of the last Free Sundaze at the Milky Way and is sure to be a show to remember.

Q&A w/ Dan Shea guitar/vocals in The Needy Visions

Q: How did The Needy Visions form? What other musical projects are the members of the band in?

A: I made a very low quality demo tape and tried playing the songs with some dudes. We called ourselves Plantain Mother. We never really played live. A short while later I played this tape for Sam P(Visions’ bassist), he liked the songs, we brought in my longtime friend and co-conspirator Bill Conroy on drums and we were a band. Over the course of many months we played with a bunch of guitarists, finally finding THE ONE in another friend, Elliott Chaffee. When Bill moved away we scrambled for a long while for a drummer, but finally ended our search after playing for a bit with Cambridge’s own, the wonderful John Allen.

Everyone in the band except myself is in another band. 
Sam Potrykus, our bassist, plays with: Peace, Loving + Baixa.
John our drummer plays with: Beat Awfuls + Headband.
Elliot our lead guitarist plays with: World Map.<<<

Q: You have been putting on shows in Boston for some time now. You have your own label/community called Bodies of Water Art and Crafts as well as booking the Milky Way and soon Church. How do you manage the synthesis of these undertakings along with booking shows for your own band?

A: It all naturally blends together. All I’ve ever done is put together shows for music makers that I love, while trying to foster community. Nothing has changed, except now I actually get to play some of these shows! Being involved in all of this show organizing has certainly aided us in getting good shows. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Also! I AM starting to book Church, a club in the Fenway area! Good music get in touch! Let’s make this a special special place!<<<

Q: What is the most flattering/sickening musician/band comparisons you have received from fans, friends, family, press etc…?

A: Some girl at our first show told me that we sounded like Kings of Leon. I had never heard them at the time, but I saw them on Saturday Night Live a few months ago, and they made me sick. So off the top of my head, Kings of Leon.

As for flattering, well we’ve gotten lots of wonderful comparisons. Anytime someone compares us to a band that I love it is flattering.<<<

Q: Being someone who has been involved in the Boston music scene for some time now you have seen and heard a lots of different bands. What are some of the differences in the scene between when you first started booking shows in Boston and right now?

A: DJ culture is a much larger component of the overall music “scene” here than “back in the day.” There are some very cool djs doing some very cool things all over town. Also, it very much appears to me there has been some breaking down of the barriers between different sub-scenes in Boston. This especially goes for the larger DIY music community, which is really the only “scene” I know anything about. Punk, and noise and the rest of it seems much less farther apart than it used to in this town. We still don’t have a legit(or long term semi-legit) gathering space for Boston DIY though. I wish I could say that that had changed. One day!<<<

Q: If you could play a show in Boston with 3 other local bands who would they be and at what Boston venue would you play?

A: Ok, this is supremely difficult because I love many many bands, but…
Drug Rug(they family, and we look up to them), Big Digits(best dudes in the whole world, should and will be famous party starters), General Interest(perhaps my favorite Boston band, and fine people) @ the Whitehaus in JP(because it is the spot with the most positive impact on Boston music in the last few years… and I live down the street).

Listen to the Needy Visions


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