Night Driving “Flaws”


Night Driving is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/singer Steve Gintz. Flaws, his debut album, was inspired by and originally recorded for the Wire magazine’s rpm challenge, an annual call to artists to create an entire record in the month of February. This record is an intimate glimpse into the mind and soul of a multi-faceted musician observing the complexities of consciousness with focus and emotion.

These songs do not sit still, they stir and gestate with every listen. The lyrics marinate and seep with no intention of losing the listener in esoteric run around. On “Don’t Worry I’ll Bring Sunglasses and Bottled Water”, lyrics such as “Go on believing what you will/and I’ll respect that but ask still/where is god and where am I?/where evil lives and good men die”, evoke emotions of uncertainty about the morality of natural law. The feelings here are as authentic as they are well investigated, possessing a nakedness that is often aspired to but rarely achieved.

Throughout the course of the 10 tracks on Flaws different influences bubble up to the surface, but with a subtlety that speaks to Gintz’s ability to maintain his own artistic voice. On “A Thousand Voices Coming Clear”, a trumpet rising out of the verses brings to mind the dusty dirt road aesthetic of Calexico while “Into the City Lights” floats on pulsing electronic drums with an air reminiscent of Thom Yorke’s Eraser. This album is a deep look inside an artist who has a lot to say and a lot of ways to say it. The most fitting sentiment I can think of to convey the albums virtue is spoken by Gintz himself in”Freedom and Draincleaner”.

“And as the day wears with it’s clock burning stares and hourly bell/it’s such a beautiful thing how life can bring a man to turn inside himself”.

This album is a testament to that sentiment.

Listen/Purchase Nightdriving Flaws 


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