Pretty & Nice on Pitchfork


It was great to wake up this morning (afternoon) and see that Get Young by Pretty & Nice had not only been reviewed by, but had garnered a commendable 7.2 rating. Say what you want about Pitchfork, but getting a positive album review on this site creates opportunities for bands to get their music into the ears of people around the globe. Unless they pan you of course.

Here is an excerpt…

“By now, our collective new wave nostalgia hangover should be staggering. But there’s something about the way Boston trio Pretty & Nice re-imagine the playfully manic, barbed-wire sounds of Devo, XTC, and This Year’s Model-era Elvis Costello. Their approach is so guileless and giddy, you’ll get drunk on that spazzy, sneering sound all over again.”  

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Some other boston bands reviewed on Pitchfork…

Mission of Burma OnOffOn 8.8

Major Stars Syntoptikon 8.4

Mission of Burma The Obliterati 8.3

Passion Pit Chunk of Change EP 7.9

Ho-Ag The Word From Pluto 7.6 

Hallelujah the Hills Collective Psychosis Begone 7.0

I’m sure there is more. Hit me up if you know of others.


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